China Visa Application

1. Original passport must be provided / 必须提供原版护照

2. Company Information / 公司资料

  • Business card (if have) / 名片(如有)
  • Company name, contact number, address / 公司姓名 ,联络号码,地址
  • Personal (3 photo, full name English and Chinese, gender, birthday date, residential address, contact number) / 本人 (照片3张 , 全名英华,性别,生日日期,住宅地址,联络号码)

3. Ticket reservation information (copy) / 机票预订资料 (副本)

  • Have you been to China before? / 之前是否有去过中国?
  • How many times? / 大约次数?
  • If the applicant has a name change and is different from the previous passport name, please provide a letter to prove the name. / 若申请人更换名字,并且与之前的护照上的名字不相同,请提供书信或证件证明

4. Three passport photos / 护照人头像三张

  • 备注 : White background and no white clothes can be worn / 白色背景并且不能穿白色衣服
* Applying for a visa Sometimes it will be rejected , you need to apply for a new one and charge separately / 申请签证可能会被拒绝 ,重新申请并且另外收费
* 7 days working day to apply / 申请需时7天工作日

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